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6 Responses to Customer Reviews

  1. Nikki Daidone

    We had some good caregivers during our time with you guys, but no one really could compare to Carol. 

    I know that she went above and beyond what you guys typically expect, but I guess that’s what made her so great. 

    She was there when my dad passed. She called me at work to let me know that he was about to go and to come home. She told my dad that I was coming home so that he could wait for me and then sat there with him, holding his hand, and making sure he was the most comfortable he could possibly be. She helped me through the process of his passing and knew about each step that was happening. She called hospice for me, ensured that they didn’t overwhelm me when they got there, and made sure to have his room exactly how it was before they took his body so that we could grieve the “easiest” way possible. I know that she was mourning too because she cared that much. 

    I just truly never imagined someone coming into my home and becoming part of the family essentially. Throughout her time with dad, she kept a log of his health and behavior to better know him for when things became less normal, she looked up ways to help him better with his lymphedema while she was at home on her off time, she found the best ways to keep him mobile and keep as much of his dignity as possible. For Carol, it’s obvious that she isn’t with a patient to be just a caregiver. Her care goes deeper into understanding and mental well-being, and I truly can’t imagine dad passing with anyone else there. I’m so thankful that he had her and that’s who God brought to us through you guys on our very first day at home.

    Nearly 6 months of care, and they were best friends. I couldn’t be more grateful to Mending Hearts and to Carol for everything. 

  2. Stephen Kelly Jones

    Our caregiver from Mending Hearts is working out great, she always exceeds our expectations and is always ready to help.

    She has become someone we depend on from week to week.

  3. Karen

    We’ve loved this service so much! They are so easy to work with and so nice! It’s only been a few months, but we are are so happy with the caregiver we have for my mom! My mom always talks about how much she likes her and that she does everything she can to make my mom comfortable and happy! She’s absolutely wonderful!
    Thank you Mending Hearts!

  4. Janice Hubbard

    Mending Hearts has provided us with compassionate and dependable care. So glad a friend recommended Mending Hearts.

  5. Fredia

    These people are fantastic. At the original consultation, they helped my husband in so many ways! I cried when they said they wanted to take care of me so I would be able to better care for him when they weren’t here. I only wanted to know that they would care for my husband of 43 years the same way I do. I was blown away by their empathy and emotional IQ! If you need a caregiver service, I highly recommend you call for a consultation.

  6. Rene Morrison

    Mending Hearts is totally awesome. My dad is 86, has cancer and Alzheimer’s and they are the only break I get. They’re here when I need them, always cheerful, and go beyond the call of duty spoiling my dad. I absolutely love the ladies… I really would be lost without them.

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